Web Site Maintenance:
Additional Maintenance Options

The following items can also be added to your maintenance contract if you like. We have experience in these areas as well but just don't consider them "regular" maintenance as they may not apply to every type of site.

Affiliate Program Management
We can add affiliate ads to your site which can bring in some additional income. We will also handle all emails relating to your affiliate program(s) and keep the ads placed on your site up to date.
LinkShare Referral Program
shareasale.com Affiliate Program

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management
We can take the daily management of your pay-per-click ad campaign out of your hands and off your already overflowing list of things to do. We will check on your campaign as often as you want us to, create and manage your ads based on your instructions, create and update keywords as needed, and monitor your cost per click prices to stay within your budget but make your ads as competitive as possible.
Mailing List Management
We have experience installing, maintaining, and managing mailing lists using applications pre-installed on the server with your web site as well as other third-party services. We can incorporate the addition of a mailing list into the design of your site and assist you in the maintenance and management of it. Our maintenance of your mailing list application can range from simply being available when you have problems or to keep your software up to date with bug fixes and upgrades to backing up subscriber lists and databases to completely taking the running of your mailing list off your hands. All you have to do is tell us what works for you.
Some of the mailing list applications we currently work with are:

Dada Mail

Please do not forget to check out our Regular Maintenance Options.

Contact us about maintaining your web site!Contact us about maintaining your web site!

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