Web Site Maintenance:
Regular Maintenance Options

Following are some of the items we can include in the regular maintenance of your site. You let us know which of these items you would like to have done on a regular basis, which helps you keep better control over your web site expenses. Most of the tasks mentioned below are noted as monthly but we are flexible and will do them when you ask us to whether that is monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Any corrections and additions to your site.
Recommended frequency: As needed.
Site Monitoring
We offer 24/7 site monitoring to make sure your site is up and running and research any site down notices we receive.
Recommended frequency: 24/7.
Site Log checks
We review your site's logs for errors, etc. Any errors, etc. will be investigated and corrected.
Recommended frequency: Monthly.
SPAM / Webmaster Email Account Check
An email account is created to help rid your address of the hundreds of SPAM messages being on the net and submitting to search engines will generate. We will check the account, weed through and delete the garbage, and either forward to you or handle any legitimate emails.
Recommended frequency: Monthly.
Link Checking
We do a thorough check of the links on your site to make sure all internal and external links are working and make any necessary corrections.
Recommended frequency: Monthly.
Search Engine Reports
We provide the following two reports: Linking Sites Overview which will give an overview of sites linking to your web site and Ranking Analysis which will show the position of your web site in the search engine results.
Recommended frequency: Monthly.
Search Engine Submissions
We have found that submitting your site to all the engines and directories only after your site has been updated but not more often than once a quarter is a good time frame for resubmissions as it keeps you listed in the engines but does not trigger the engines abuse mechanisms.
Recommended frequency: As needed.
Link Partners / Site Category Specific Directories
We will research and submit your site to link partners and site category specific directories and other sites. One excellent way to build your ranking with the search engines is quality links to and from your site and this is how that is accomplished. Your site must have a links page or section to participate in link programs / partnerships.
Recommended frequency: Quarterly.
Domain Names
We will be your one and only contact for all your domain name needs, including registrations, renewals, registrar transfers, even invoices. This will save you wondering if the bill you've received is legit or not. If it's not from us, it's not legit so don't pay it!
Recommended frequency: As needed.
Hosting Company Contact
Even though you pay your monthly hosting fees yourself, we will act as your contact for all technical matters.
Recommended frequency: As needed.
Third Party Service Integration
Just like how we handle your domain name and hosting issues, we will gladly work with third party services on your behalf to provide your web site with additional features such as calculators, calendars, mailing list software, SPAM filters, and many more.
Recommended frequency: As needed.
Email and Phone Support
We will be responsive to all your inquiries and questions.
Recommended frequency: As needed.

Note: Excluding design changes and additions, submission to search engines / link partners etc., and corrections of any problems found in the site logs, regular maintenance for the majority of our clients' sites is usually completed in approximately one to two hours each month.

Please do not forget to check out our Additional Maintenance Options.

Contact us about maintaining your web site!Contact us about maintaining your web site!

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